There are a number of different types of scanners available. Each type has its own defining feature, usually obvious by its name. Make sure you understand the differences between them, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

A. Flatbed Scanners

A flatbed scanner captures an image of any size or material, whether it’s a single sheet, a page of a book, or even an object like a flower or jewelry. You place the object on the glass plate and the scanning head comes down on top of it.

Slide, Film and Transparency Scanners

These allow you to digitize film negatives, slides or transparencies. You can add a film and slide adapter to a flatbed scanner, and some have one built-in already.

B. Sheet-Fed Scanners

These scanners automatically feed your documents for continuous scanning, allowing you to scan a high volume of loose pages quickly and easily.

C. Simplex & Duplex Scanners

Most scanners are Simplex scanners, meaning that the scanner will capture a single side of a document. Duplex scanners simultaneously capture the front and back of a document.

D. Card Scanners

Card scanners are smaller and are expressly used to quickly scan business or ID cards.

E. Mobile Scanners

Bigger than card scanners but smaller than traditional flatbed scanners, mobile scanners are an excellent solution for those who need a way to scan documents while traveling or on the go.