In this section, we will discuss the advantages of leasing a copy machine for a limited time. Having an adequate supply of copiers and printers on hand is critical during short-term projects or special events, but purchasing or leasing a copy machine for such unusual circumstances does not always make sense. Continue reading for a different perspective on short-term copier leasing.

Temporary Office / Short Term Projects.
When temporary office space is limited, renting a few smaller copiers is a good option for projects that require document printing and copying. You will save money on outsourcing and have the freedom to work around project deadlines and employee schedules. Then, when the new office opens, you won’t have to pay a lease payment for the copy machine and will still have world-class full coverage.

Conferences and trade shows.
Short-term rentals are an excellent choice for your next conference or trade show. You won’t have to rely on someone else’s schedule to print your documents or deal with pesky IT issues. Your team will be able to copy and print handouts as needed.

Employee training sessions.
HR would undoubtedly concur. Everyone gets a handout when another safety briefing needs to be updated! Putting the usage on everyone’s favorite copy room hero doesn’t make sense.

Evaluating new equipment.
Choosing copiers for a new business or upgrading old ones is a difficult task. You can evaluate new printing solutions and capabilities without committing to a purchase or lease by renting for a limited time. Renting is also ideal for testing out new technologies before purchasing.