1) Storing document in your computer

You are no longer going to waste 50 minutes attempting to get your hands on a document

contained in a collection of sheets on your desk by scanning a document and placing it on

your computer or server.

2) Protect your document condition

If you lend your document to the other coworker, the condition of the paper might get affected

by curling corner of the page. The scanned document will be unaffected from the thing that

can void the originality of the content.

3) Send document in PDF or JPEG by e-mail

You can send it directly to the receiver by email via “scan to mail” feature through scanning a

document. The paper does not need to be sent to you and then given back to the receiver.

4) Storing a document on USB

On most printers, the “scan to USB” feature is accessible which is far more convenient if

you do not have access to a computer. Simply scan the paper, send it to the USB key

attached to the device.

5) Protect against natural disaster

You super important document will be stored on the form of data in the computer. If your

place got natural disaster such as flood, so your document is safe since you made backup

from scanning the document.

6) Reduce paper use

The scan feature makes working in the workplace simpler for you. It also facilitates

environmental growth and decreases your usage of paper. Any time you want to print your

papers, think about scanning them. The scan feature would save the world as well as to the