If you’re looking for a copier machine for your small business, you might want to consider copier rental instead of purchasing one outright.

Keeping the following benefits of renting a copier in mind will help guide your startup to the right decision:

  • Improved Budgeting

Renting a copier can help ease budgeting concerns. Rather than making one large payment at the time of acquisition, renting a copier creates a set schedule of smaller, affordable payments, enabling you to better arrange financial resources.

  • Cash Flow Conservation

With copier rental, there is no deposit needed and no considerable cash outlay from your cash flow. Consequently, you can now use your cash more effectively by investing it, rather than using it for business infrastructure.

  • Return on Investment

When you rent a new copier your objective is to increase efficiency. Access to advanced technology together with increased productivity without a large initial investment enables you to get a higher return on investment.

  • No Tied-Up Capital

Copier rental doesn’t typically require a down payment, leaving your business with no up-front expenses. On the flip side, purchasing a copier will tie up useful working capital.

Renting allows you to save your business’s free cash for other uses while making an affordable monthly payment on your copier rental.

  • No Need to Pay Costly copier Repairs

Most office equipment providers will provide you with a maintenance agreement when you rent a copier.

Even better, if your copier requires maintenance, a free loan copy machine is provided while the repairs are being done.

  • Free Training and Installation

As part of the rental agreement the service provider will deliver and install the equipment before teaching your workforce how to use it efficiently.

This is all included in the monthly copier rental fee. It’s not only far more convenient but means you get training from the pros.

The result is your employees can make the most of the copy machine’s functionality and you don’t waste time getting everybody up to speed through trial and error!

  • Flexibility

Flexibility when it boils down to upgrades, and payments mean that a rental solution grants you the freedom to expand and grow your business at your own pace

  • No Risk

If you’re unhappy with the copy machine you can cancel your service without penalty or change your program as your needs change. Also, there is also no long contract you can’t get out of.

  • Different Volume Copiers

Another advantage of getting a copier rental is the flexibility you get with regards to the volume your business requires. If you’re running a start-up a mid-to-low volume copiers are your best options.

As your business expands you can adjust your renting contract to meet your increasing demands and swap to a high-to-mid volume copy machine.

  • Flexibility of Payment

When you’re renting a copy machine you can choose the most suitable arrangement for your specific needs.

  • Keep Up with Technology

Since copier technology is always advancing, choosing to lease instead of purchasing a copier gives your business the option of upgrading to a newly released and more advanced model during your rental period.

Purchasing a copier places the burden of upgrading your equipment solely on your business’s shoulders; renting a copy machine gives your business the freedom to move to higher-end, technology-improved equipment.



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