A color copying machine can print in both color and black-and-white. But there’s as difference in cost. Printing in black ink costs less than printing in color.

Did you know copiers first originated in 1938 and changed the working world? In 1959, Xerox created a transformative machine that allowed people to copy documents in the office without doing it by hand.

Copy machines have become much more advanced, from the speed and image clarity to be able to copy in color vs. black and white. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the color copying machine and the cost difference between color and black and white photocopying.

Copy Machine Features

When you’re choosing a business copy machine, whether it’s for your employees in the office or your home office, you need to consider all of the features they have to offer and which are most important to you.

copier speed

You can better compare models if you look at their key features, especially the accessories and software. You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.


Print or copy speed is on the spec sheet as “ppm,” which means pages per minute. You want to make sure you get a copier that works quickly and efficiently, especially if you print in high volumes. If you have average printing needs, 45 to 50 ppm is a great speed.

Paper Volume

You want to make sure the paper tray can hold as much as you need to copy. You also want to check for the size of the paper it can copy. Usually, between 11.7×16.5 inches or 8.3×11.7 inches are standard and the most common ones chosen. It depends on what you need to copy, so consider the paper size.

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