Having a print strategy for your business can help you save money that could be used for more important projects. It can also help you create an efficient workspace for not only the employees but for the overall business as well.

A print strategy

This will be an overview of the complete print process in detail. This can help you determine how the machines are used and how much they are costing you with each use. The print strategies will be different for each business depending on their unique needs and requirements.

Do you purchase toner?

Toner and ink are very important for your printing strategy. A lot of times, businesses will purchase these products without knowing if they are actually the right ones for their printers. They can have lots of excess toners and inks that they will never use, and they have wasted their money for them. It is important to use your money wisely and find a printing company that helps you figure out the right products for you that will help you be more cost-efficient.

Does your printer have service issues?

Getting your printers and copiers through a trusted print company can help you avoid unnecessary time and worry by providing maintenance on your machine. You will need a company that provides quick and efficient services that can help you and your business to stay on track and running smoothly. Managed print services are vital when it comes to your print strategy.

Do you know your TCO?

You will need to understand your total cost of ownership when building your print strategy. The TCO consists of the cost of your supplies such as toner, paper, and staples. It also includes the lease of the equipment, the service agreements, and the cost per page. Most of these costs are relatively easy to track, just review receipts and invoices for the products. The cost per page is slightly different. You will need to use this formula to figure that out: the price of cartridge/page yield. This will give you the cost per page.

When you should upgrade your machines

While we know your printer is not going to last forever, it is important that you have one that will still be reliable. These machines aren’t cheap, so longevity is required when it comes to your business. It is also important to remember that as your business grows, your printer may not be meeting the needs of your company. Keep in mind that you can upgrade your technology to better suit your needs.