Configuring the network settings in [System Settings]

Configure the network settings in [System Settings] according to your environment and how you will be using the machine.

The following procedure explains connecting this machine to an IPv4 network using Ethernet cable.

Note that the settings you must configure will vary depending on your operating environment. For details about network settings and configuration procedures, see “Network Settings Required to Use Scan to Folder Function”, Network and System Settings Guide.


Step #1: Check your IP Address, Subnet, Default Gateway

  1. Get your PC, and search for command prompt [shortform ‘cmd’].
  2. type ‘ipconfig’, then enter
  3. The screen will show as the image above.
On Machine

Step #2: Press "User Tools / Counter"

Step #3: Press "System Settings"

Step #4: Press "Interface Settings" tab

Step #5: Press "Machine IPv4 Address"

Step #6: Fill in the address

  1. Make sure to select ‘Specify’.
  2. Change your machine IP address. Set refer to Default Gateway.
    *e.g Default Gateway [], so IP Address machine become [] 
    (make sure red text are same for both of Default Gateway and IP Address)
  3. Subnet Mask refer from command prompt from Step #1.
  4. Click ‘OK’ when done.

Step #7: Press "IPv4 Gateway Address

Step #8: Fill in your Default Gateway from cmd on Step#1


*Other Model Available