Pros of purchasing a copier

1. Less expensive

  • Purchasing is considered a beneficial option (as compared to renting), especially when considering a long term use.
  • It helps businesses to cut down the cost they pay as fees for the services and goods.

2. Zero paperwork

  • Purchasing eliminates the need for paperwork like providing financial details and filling up lease agreements (which need to be renewed repeatedly).
  • A purchased photocopy machine will therefore be a lifelong asset for your business.

3. Flexibility and control

  • When you purchase a piece of office equipment, you automatically own the right to use it without being answerable to anyone.
  • This also means that you have the choice to go for your preferred technician or maintenance firm based on your budget and needs.

4. Tax incentives

  • When you purchase a new copier, you can deduct the tax in the first year.

5. No contracts

  • Purchasing a copier helps avoid getting locked into any unnecessary contract with a third-party provider.

6. Recoup investment

  • If you plan to shut down your business, you can sell your copier even though its value might have decreased.
  • Photocopy machines are always in demand and you’ll always find buyers looking for a second hand one.

Cons of purchasing a photocopier

Agreed that the advantages of buying a photocopy machine are attractive.

However, before you jump in to purchase one, take a quick peek into the drawbacks mentioned below:

1. High initial expense

  • Copiers with specialized features can cost thousands of Ringgits.
  • The upfront expense of purchasing even a small copier can be hard to manage for small businesses.
  • In such a case, buying one might leave you with less money for purchasing other essential office equipment.

2. Replacement costs

  • The cost of repairing a copier can sometimes go beyond your expectations.
  • Once you have purchased a copier within a few years, the technology will be outdated, making it hard to sell at your preferred price.

3. Lack of standardization

  • If your business has several branches and each branch buys its own copy machine, it will be hard to estimate each branch’s expenses.
  • Additionally, if different branches use different copier technologies, it will be challenging to scale up the cost and performance across each unit.