BIZCOPIER Solutions Sdn Bhd understands the irritation that comes with an equipment that isn’t operating and is interfering with your company operations.All of our copier maintenance contracts provide our clients with piece of mind by typically covering the cost of all labour and any components necessary, with no hidden fees.

We are also totally devoted to offering preventative maintenance on all machines via frequent and proactive service calls that include cleaning, adjusting, and replacing parts.This enables us to foresee possible issues before they arise. In the odd event that we are unable to fix your computer, we will replace it the same day to guarantee that your business is not harmed.

Why Should US?

  • No need to purchase the copier machine, zero investment.
  • Easy to start up, low up front payment.
  • Affordable price, now everyone can print color.
  • Onsite service and maintenance, hassle free.
  • IT level support available

We offer the best copier maintenance service

Our maintenance contracts cover whether there is a problem with an equipment or if one of your staff is having difficulty using a machine. We’ll come over and fix whatever is wrong with the machine.
We employ cutting-edge tools and committed personnel to ensure that all service requests are handled swiftly, efficiently, and successfully.

Corporate or Small Business

  • Sales, rental or leasing available
  • Long term and Short term contracts necessary with our rental programs
  • Maintenance contracts covering parts, labor and supplies*
  • Networking available

*Does not include paper.