One staple that is common in all office settings is the copier. Whether your office needs extra fliers, outlines or memos, the copier is generally a fixture in any office. Because the copier is used so often, it is important to keep it in good working condition.

Load Paper Properly

The way you load paper has a direct effect on the function of your printer. Make sure you load thin copy-grade paper into the paper tray, and take care not to load any paper past the fill line. Once the paper has been loaded, make sure that the printer is feeding from the correct tray. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to set default paper feed trays.

Prevent Overheating

Although you may need 500 copies of a memo, it is not wise to run all these copies at once, as it may cause your copier to overheat. Instead run smaller “batches” of 50 copies and give the copier several minutes in between to cool down. Also make sure that the copier is in an area of the office near ventilation, and is not placed against a wall (as this will block the copier’s own cooling system). An overheated copier can produce sub-par copies and can cause the printer to temporarily shut down.

Clear Jams Efficiently

If your printer should jam, it is important to clear it as soon as possible. Do not press any buttons and open the paper feed door. On most copiers, this door is on the front of the copier, but in smaller units it may be on the back. Rotate the printer spool where the paper is jammed and carefully remove the paper. If the paper rips or tears, use tweezers to remove small pieces from in between tight printer components.