You probably wouldn’t start with your office printer if you were looking for methods to decrease operational costs. In reality, your printer and its associated expenditures could consume up to 6% of your annual sales. That number should give you pause.

Going Up?

A spike in printing expenses can be linked to a variety of issues, the most of which are related to a lack of proactive management and visibility. Here’s what could be causing your Dallas, Texas, company’s rising print-related costs.

Personal printing: Your employees may assume that a few extra copies here and there don’t amount up to much if you don’t have set print regulations and rules in place.

Lack of staff training: Your laser printers and copiers include capabilities that help you save money on toner and paper. Are your staff aware of how to use them? Is it mandatory for them to do so?

Outsourcing: If your equipment is inadequate, costly outsourcing may be your only alternative.

Lack of visibility: The costs of your print environment are frequently hidden and difficult to quantify.

Service issues: Where do you go when you need a copier? Can anyone in your organisation order copier service? Do they know who they should contact?

Cut Costs Now

The costs of your printing environment range from toner to copier service calls. Better management and clarity are the most effective ways to keep them under check.

A managed print services agreement is a comprehensive partnership that ensures the efficient operation of your devices and procedures. Most organizations claim savings of up to 30% off their existing print budget, thanks to improved supply management and proactive copier care.

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