Do you want to know what kind of copier your office actually requires?

There are many different types of copier machines on the market today, each with their own set of features. Knowing the different types of machines and their various features will help you make the best decision based on your needs. Here are the various types of copiers and their applications.

Black and white (mono) copiers

Black and white copiers are machines that use only one toner color, black, and are thus referred to as monochrome or mono for short. These machines range in capacity from low-end, low-volume copiers to high-speed, high-volume machines. These copiers are designed for use in offices where color is not important.

Colour copiers

Color photocopiers can make both black and white and color copies. They typically have four drums and four toner cartridges, each of which contains four primary colors: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black, which when mixed produce all other colors. Color copiers are typically multi-function devices that are primarily used in business.

Network copiers

Network copiers can be linked to the office network for remote printing, PC faxing, and scanning. Almost all digital copiers and multi-function devices either come with a built-in network card or offer it as an optional extra. Connect the copier to your office network so that everyone in the office can print and scan wireless.

Multi-functional copiers

These copiers, also known as all-in-one copiers, can print, copy, scan, and fax in addition to copying. The most recent models have internet access and thus connect to the office network to send files to various locations with various command functionalities.

Furthermore, the copier can print from portable devices such as laptops via a USB or wireless connection and has document finishing options such as booklet folding. This type of copier is ideal for businesses that do more than just print, such as printing handbooks, instructional manuals, or even booklets for customers.

Desktop copiers

Desktop copiers are only designed to use A4 or smaller paper sizes. These are either small, space-saving copiers or multi-functional copiers designed to sit on a desk. They can perform the same functions as a multi-functional copier but cannot accommodate A3 sizes because they are too large and heavy to be placed on a desk.

Wide-format copy machines

A wide-format copy machine prints professional-quality copies in a matter of seconds. Copiers produce professional-quality copies by using tiny droplets of ink and ejection. They are used in industries that require both graphics and print on their documents, such as marketing, architecture, and even education.