You’re in the process of buying a copier or printer, and need to know if it will fit.

You might not be familiar with this, but there’s a difference between the standard equipment measurements you were given and the actual space the machine needs to function, and it’s more important than you might realize. 

As an authorized Ricoh agent, one of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to copiers and printers is not making enough room for the device. Because these machines can be hefty and take up space, many customers try to put them in tight corners or hide them out of the way. They often decide on how much space the copier needs when looking at the equipment measurements, rather than the actual space requirements.   

Our goal is to educate you enough to understand the difference between the two, as well as the importance of finding a proper space for your machine.  


What are Equipment Measurements?

Equipment measurements are the exact dimensions of the copier or printer. They can often be found in the Customer Expectation and Installation Guide (CEIG). You can request your business consultant to share the CEIG if they have not already done so. 

Similarly to measuring for furniture in a new space, you always want to leave a bit of wiggle room between exact dimensions and actual space, because just looking at the measurements won’t give you an accurate representation of how the machine will fit. Not leaving enough space for your copier/printer is one of the five major mistakes we often see.  


What Are Space Requirements?

Space requirements are guidelines of how much area is necessary around the copier to perform basic functions like changing toner, opening the top, or general maintenance. They give customers the amount of required space they need to allocate for their machine, rather than referring to the exact dimensions of the device. 

If you are unsure of the space requirements of your machine, contact your business consultant and they will be happy to walk you through the requirements and help find a space suitable for your new device. 


Why Are Space Requirements Important?

There are required space standards that must be met for service technicians to safely perform maintenance and for your employees to complete general tasks (like changing toner) on your device.  

Additionally, putting your machine in the smallest place it will fit can be dangerous. It’s likely the device will overheat if it’s in an enclosed space, and doesn’t get enough airflow. This can be a serious fire hazard for your office.  

Just because your copier/printer might fit exactly into that tight corner out of the way, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it properly. 


I Need to Move my Copier/Printer- What Do I Do?

If you find that your copier/printer doesn’t have adequate space, or you suspect overheating may be occurring due to lack of airflow, it’s crucial that you properly move your copier/printer. We always encourage customers to contact us for assistance in moving devices to prevent any unnecessary damages (that won’t be covered in your service agreement!).  

If you insist on moving the device yourself, we ask that you read our article on How to Move Your Copier/Printer (Instructions) for some tips straight from Ricoh.