Once an image has been transferred onto a paper by the drum, it passes through the fuser to melt the toner particles onto the paper. There are two parts that make-up the fusing process: heat and pressure. Both are powered by rollers. The warm-up time of a printer, which differs from one machine to another, is actually the time it takes for the fuser rollers to get hot.

The fuser assembly may often cause problems and need repair. Paper dust and residual toner can accumulate, causing scratches on the roller, which creates unwanted marks on the print. A common issue is that it is not heating properly – either not getting hot enough or getting too hot. Fuser Kits are available to purchase for most printers so you can easily replace the broken fuser. Just make sure you allow it to cool completely first.

Maintenance Kits

technical service. Isolated 3D imageA maintenance kit is a set of replacement parts for a copier/printer. Every machine is different and so the parts included in the kit will also be different. A typical maintenance kit contains paper pickup rollers, paper feed/separation rollers, a transfer roller, and a fuser assembly. Cleaning cloths and gloves are often included in the maintenance kit to ensure proper care of the inside parts.

It is essential to pay attention to the maintenance interval in your copier/printer. Ignoring the alerts can potentially cause serious unnecessary wear. Maintaining the parts inside your copier/printer avoids permanent damage and the need for replacement.


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