As well as a range of paper sizes, there are various weights available for different uses.

Paper weight is generally measured in GSM. This stands for ‘Grams per Square Metre’ and is a measurement of paper thickness or density, which directly relates to the quality of the media.

The higher the GSM value of the paper, the thicker it is. As the description suggests, it indicates how much a 1 metre x 1 metre square piece of the paper would weigh in grams.

Generally, the thicker the paper, the more durable the sheet will be. Therefore, different paper weights have different uses, with thicker paper being used for more industrial purposes.

Common printer paper weights

300GSM+Good quality business card, or heavy card media
180GSM – 250GSMMiddle market magazine cover
130GSM – 170GSMPromotional posters
80GSMStandard issue day-to-day office matte white paper
35GSM – 55GSMMost everyday newspapers


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