According to recent Software Advice survey results, 44 percent of healthcare providers still use paper records.

Faxing is still used by healthcare providers and facilities to convey medical information, patient charts, and patient data.

All of that faxing results in an excess of printed pages and printer equipment. As a result, managed print services in healthcare are critical.

How Can MPS Aid in Healthcare Cost Reduction?

Managed print services can help a healthcare institution improve its efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility.

But how precisely might managed print services save money for healthcare organisations?

Let’s look at three ways MPS can help you save money.

1) Improves Print Workflow

A print assessment entails assessing the devices in a client’s inventory. Understanding the security threats, print activity, and associated costs with each device is also important.

The objectives and goals of your healthcare business are unique. A team of specialists will learn your print environment inside and out with managed print services.

As a result, they can assist you in improving document workflows, eliminating inefficient processes, and enforcing greater print security. “But how exactly does this reduce costs?” you may wonder.

That’s an excellent question! The MPS supplier can build a list of obsolete devices, print activity per device (including the current cost per page (CPP), and security threats per device by assessing your environment.

An MPS supplier can offer cost-cutting strategies once this information has been collated and presented.

Assume the MPS supplier evaluates your environment and discovers that your company has more than twenty multifunction devices (MFDs). However, only five are used.

In that instance, an MPS provider may recommend moving underutilised devices to a high-traffic area. Another possibility is to downsize in order to avoid leasing or paying for underutilised devices.

Managed print services recommend appropriate print solutions in a consultative manner.

The first step in determining where your money is going in your print environment is to conduct an assessment.

If you do not obtain an assessment, you may never know where your money is going. Furthermore, reviews assist clients in taking a step back to determine which devices need to be replaced due to their age and how to optimise their print environment.

2) Provides Document Management Software Options

It all boils down to installing the appropriate software on each printing device. Organizations can protect patient information by using secure printing software such as uniFLOW and PaperCut.

Assume a healthcare administrator prints a paper from his or her PC. The data for that print job will be held in a queue by the office printer or MFP and will not be printed unless that employee manually enters or swipes an ID to release the task.

This method ensures that printed confidential records do not end up in the wrong hands and that your healthcare business is not punished for failing to comply with HIPPA.

Furthermore, secure printing software allows enterprises to be more environmentally conscious by providing setting options that prompt users not to print in colour. An MSP provider can assist with the implementation of this software as well as training to help you get the most out of it in order to decrease paper waste and unnecessary print expenditures.

3) Stops Print Consumable Waste

When ordering the improper print consumables, such as ink or toner, for your printing devices, it might drive up prices.

Managed print services can assist by actively monitoring your devices and establishing an auto-supply refill schedule. Consider auto-supply replenishment to be the automatic ordering and replenishment of the supplies your devices require to function properly.

When your printing devices detect a lack of ink or toner, the appropriate supplies for that brand of equipment are re-ordered and charged to your account.

So no more over-buying or ordering the wrong supplies for each device. This procedure can relieve the load on overburdened healthcare managers and physicians, who already have a lot on their plates.

Managed print services can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of printing procedures.

Is Your Company Prepared To Work With A Managed Print Provider?

If your healthcare organisation recognises the need to cut print expenditures, you’ve already won half the battle.

Because losses can be temporary, inefficient print procedures and print expenditures can be difficult to detect. However, if your business is waiting an extra minute at the printer for a document to print or can’t find out how to read the print setting, these setbacks might mount up.

By lowering printing expenses and increasing productivity, managed print services can provide a long-term solution.

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