Scanners, printers, laptops, and fax machines sometimes seem to take over our offices when it comes to technology. Not only would this add to the clutter in your office, but running all of those machines will increase your energy expenditures.

What is a multifunction printer?

Multifunction printers, in general, offer consumers up to four functions in one machine: printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. This sort of printer is ideal for enterprises that require a high volume of printing, but some versions are also intended to handle lower numbers.

By purchasing an MFP, you will be able to free up more office space, cut your utility expenditures, and reduce the quantity of consumables you use.


If you own a large business and have daily printing needs, you’ll want a machine that can handle all of your paperwork.

When selecting your next model, make sure to look into all of the features it has to offer. Some MFPs, for example, will prioritise one feature over another, such as increasing printing speed over faxing.


Businesses have been focusing more on in-house security since the GDPR declaration. If you’ve decided that an MFP is the best model for you, this implies that all of your papers and information will now be handled by a single machine. As a result, it’s critical that you safeguard anything sensitive or confidential.

Consider a multifunction printer with enhanced security features like confidential printing, which requires the user to input a passcode to begin printing.


As with any business purchase, you should consider both the initial cost and the overall cost of ownership of your new model.

When it comes to multifunction printers, the purchase price can be slightly higher than when purchasing simply a printer or fax machine. As a result, you should conduct research into the overall cost of ownership, including the cost of consumables.

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