Depending on the brand and model of the copier, the maintenance method or method may be slightly different or wildly different.

Below we outline some basic steps that you should follow when servicing your copier.

  1. Read the copier user manual
    There are different types of copiers, so you should read the manual to be able to understand the operation of the copier. Some general techniques used in copier maintenance. However, each model or brand of copier has its own characteristics and therefore will have its own maintenance methods. When you read the manual, you learn how to use it properly and it helps you understand the manufacturer’s recommended methods for any required maintenance.
  1. Clean the copier glass
    The copier glass on which you place the documents to be copied is an essential part of the copier. High levels of dirt can build up on the glass and cause streaks and spots on your copies. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality copier glass cleaner and clean the glass regularly.
  1. Clean the dust inside the copier
    Just as when dust accumulates on the glass, it is a problem if dust is also deposited on the internal components of your copier. It is recommended that you clean the interior of your copier gently with a soft, dry cloth. For hard to reach areas, you can use canned compressed air. This will remove them from any debris that could jam them or make bad copies.
  1. Clean the cartridge head
    Again, dirt can cause serious problems here, and it can affect the quality of your copy. So when you look at the parts inside your copier, you also need to look at the top of the cartridge. To clean the toner cartridge head, it is recommended that you wipe this part of the copier with a damp cotton cloth to remove any dirt or dust.
  1. Clean the paper rolls
    One of the most frequent problems with all copiers is paper jams and tedious time consuming to deal with them. Dust on the paper rolls is the cause of paper jams. It keeps the paper from shifting as easily as it normally does.To avoid this, it is recommended that you wipe the rolls with a lint-free cloth when servicing.
  1. Use proper and good quality parts
    The use of incorrect/wrong parts is a very common cause of copier problems. As a result, this may result in reduced capacity of the copier or render it inoperable. When servicing copiers, it’s important to use high-quality parts and to ensure that the parts you replace on the copier are correct and to specifications.
  1. Empty Unlock
    The drum is an important part of the copier. Its role is to transfer ink to the paper to create your copy. After a while, the drum may become clogged with ink and need to be unclogged. To open the drum, you will need to use the Mylar bar to gently scrape all excess toner from the drum and restore it to good working condition.
  1. Clean your fuser
    The fuser is a pretty important part of the copier because it sticks the ink to the paper. When this part contains too much toner or debris, the copier may fail. To clean the fuser, apply silicone oil to a damp cloth and wipe the fuser to remove excess toner and debris.
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