Possibly the most transformative aspect of Fax over IP is the fact that you can go completely paperless in your faxing operations. While you’ll need a scanner just in case you are presented with a physical document, you can simply attach a document straight from your computer to a direct fax message.

Think of how much paper a fax machine uses every month, and add in toner and ink, the fax line itself, and parts and repair on the copier that prints them. That’s a lot of supplies and infrastructure to simply send secure documents.

Using Fax over IP also saves your employees time, as they will no longer have to walk across the office to send or receive critical documents, or stand at the copier waiting for a document that should have arrived five minutes ago.

Essentially, Fax over IP cuts your supply costs, and increases your employees’ productivity levels, giving them more time to do their actual job, and not facilitate a fax machine.