On Ricoh copiers and printers, you can use various methods of authentication to allow certain users access to specific functions or features. One common authentication method is user code authentication, which utilizes a numeric code for each user (or set of users) to allow them specified levels of access. You can set up user codes for most Ricoh MP series copiers.

To create a user code:

  • Press the User Tools/Counter button
  • On the touch screen, select System Settings
  • Select the Administrator Tools tab
  • Select Address Book Management
  • Select New Program
  • Select the Change button next to Name
  • Type in the name to be associated with this user code (ie. John, Admin Dept, Teachers, etc.)
  • Select OK
  • Select the Auth. Info tab
  • Type in the user code you want to create using the number pad
  • Press the # button on the number pad, or the # button on the touch screen
  • Scroll down to Available Functions toward the bottom of the Auth. Info tab
  • Select the functions you want this user code to be able to access (ie. Copying in color, printing in black and white, faxing, etc.)
  • Select OK to save this user code

Once you have set up your user codes, you will need to enable user authentication. This can be done by going to User Tools/Counter> System Settings> Administrator Tools> User Authentication Management.