How to change a copier toner?

The photocopier malaysia  is definitely damaged, because of the large number of spare parts in the copier, and it does need routine maintenance. Photocopy toner, is a vital part of a photocopier, if the toner content runs out the copier cannot print or copy files, a maximum of 1 toner to copy is around 12,000, if it has passed this amount, then the toner must be refilled, you have never or not do you know how to replace / refill a copier toner? Here we explain the steps for filling / replacing copier ink toner cartridges.

  • Open the front door cover

First open the cover of the copier door by pulling on both sides of the end of the cover

  • Open the toner box

Slide the toner box which is next to the top right corner of the machine until it is full so that it is easier to refill the toner, press the handle on the end of the toner box with two fingers, after opening it, pull the toner to be filled.

  • Fill toner into the toner box

Once the toner box is pulled out, fill it with new toner. open the toner and fill it up to 80%, don’t fill it up to the full, aiming to open the spring inside rotating, then rotating the spring inside

  • Put the toner box back in

After the toner box is filled, put the toner box back into its place, push and press the toner box lever, then close the door cover tightly again. and done

In filling it must be careful not to scatter everywhere to make sure it is clean from dirt. Psos strives for the best service so that any problems in the copier can be resolved. You don’t need to worry about the problems that exist. Thank you, I hope it is useful.