You have a lot of options if you’re looking for a modern office printer. The features of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine are merged into one by a multi-function printer, or MFP. By buying one that suits your needs, you can help greatly boost workflow and reduce prices.

It depend on the business which one of the variety of copier that suitable for their business. The best one is from your business itself in terms of budget and tasks for the copier to be done. 

There are thing you need to considered when choosing the best copier for your business especially in Selangor. 

Evaluating your desires

In determining which copier to purchase or lease, the workflow and the number of users who will share the printer play a major role. Of course, printing and producing copies are required. What do you need to do otherwise?

Will you need to scanning document as well? A copier compatible with capture software that combines with your IT infrastructure or fits with your existing scanning software must be looked for. Strong network access is important for you.

Will you have to send a fax? Are you require colour, or just white and black? Do you need staples, hole punch, or other solutions for finishing? You will need to remember your demands for a regular printer. What is the volume that you print/copy/scan every day, week, or month?

Both of these questions will decide system selection, and more. Make sure you check the features of each one before selecting a multi-function printer and whether the one you are considering would fulfill all your everyday needs.


How much would the operation cost?

The cost of buying a copier goes above the purchase of the device’s upfront cost. How much are the materials going to cost? How much would the repair cost?

How soon will it get repaired? Today, several copiers are beginning to permit remote troubleshooting with software problems, enabling the printer to be repaired and run rather than waiting for a repair technician to arrive.

A copier will actually assist you in handling copying and imaging expenses, but before committing, take into account the overall cost of ownership (TCO).


Read Review

Get your homework done. Read reports from professionals in the industry and other organisations that have used the product. Compare spec sheets from suppliers with independent research companies. Excellent tools for seeking reviews are LinkedIn and Google Reviews.

Business Facebook accounts should also be used to see if the copier partner is customer-focused (it’s definitely a smart thing to deal for someone who needs to give you the best copier, not the one they’re going to get the most money from).


How well can current networks operate for the MFP?

It’s a smart idea to figure out how well it fits with the current systems before you invest in a new piece of office equipment. Extra considerations like how easy it is to set up. To guide you through installation, does it come with tutorials or manual? Is it going to take some training? Will there be anything you need to run on office computers? Will other systems be made redundant by the current system?


How easy is it to use?

A fancy new copier that nobody knows how to use is the last thing you want. Choose a copy machine that needs limited preparation and has an elegant operating system. Look for online support and documentation that’s easy to use. It is also a smart choice to select a copier that comes with technical support from the manufacturer (especially if you’re going to do in-house maintenance and support, Bizcopier Solutions offer you the best technician support just for you, kindly call 03-3341 6296 for more information). Few copiers will also have videos of “how to” available on the copier control panel itself.


But what does it really do?

Some multifunction copiers can not have all of the desired capabilities. While the copier provides multiple functions on a single device, only one function can be executed at a time. This can lead to bottlenecks in workflows. This could pose a challenge depending on the office needs.


Communication Is Everything 

When selecting the most powerful copier, communication is essential, as in all things. Can the copier show jobs, queues, and issues around the network and on the device? Will users and IT managers access and edit the system status of jobs easily? If not, you might spend more time troubleshooting copiers with your IT workers than helping your core business.


Does Support Come With It?

To help keep your copier running effectively now and in the future, select a printer that comes with continuous service. Does it have a strong reputation for quick response times for the copier dealership? Is service nice in your area when you want to purchase straight from the manufacturer? To get an idea of the relationship you are starting, do a little research.Bizcopier Solution is the best copier dealer in Selangor.