On any of the Ricoh MP series of multifunction copiers you can store contacts for faxing or scanning in an address book. There are a lot of ways you can organize these contacts, and one way is by putting them into groups.

These steps are the same for all copiers in the MP series except for the ones without a touch screen or with a very small touch screen. For these copiers, the steps will be similar.

At the copier’s operation panel, press the User Tools/Counter button. From the User Tools menu, select System Settings. Next, select the Administrator Tools tab.

From the list of available options, select the one labeled “Address Book: Program / Change / Delete Group.” Then select New Program. Next to where “Group Name” is displayed, select Change.

Then create group name. You can use the soft keyboard on the screen to enter the name. When you are finished, select OK.

After that add user’s in group, select Exit and then choose the option for Address Book Management. Here you’ll see all the contacts in your address book select the one you want to add to the new group.

When that contact’s information appears, go to the Add to Group tab on the right side of the screen. Select your new group from the list. Next, select OK, and this user will be added to the new group. You can repeat this process to add other users to the group and when you are finished, just exit.