You can follow this step below:

At your PC

  1. Click [Search Bar/Icon], and then type [Command Prompt] or you can just press [Windows key + R] and type [cmd] and press [Enter]
  2. Type [ipconfig] and then press [Enter], take note the [IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway]

Go to Machine Copier

  1. Press [User Tools/Counter] key, and then press [System Settings].
  2. Press [Administrator Setings] tab, and then press [Address Book Management].
  3. Press [New Program].
  4. Key in [Name & Key Display].
  5. Press [Folder] tab, and then choose [FTP].
  6. Press [Change], and then key in the IPv4 Address your PC at [Server Name].
  7. Press [Auth. Info] tab, and then press [Next].
  8. Find [Folder Authentication], and then press [Specify Other Auth. Info].
  9. Press [Change], and then key in [scan] at [Login Username] & [Login Password].
  10. Test Connection, press [Folder] tab, and then press [Connection Test], Succeed and Done.
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