Location isn’t simply important in real estate. Consider who will use your business copier printer the most. Note that this may not be the person who prints the most; if you need to scan papers frequently, they may spend more time with the printer than anybody else.

Placement will be easy to adjust if your printer quantity is optimized for the suitable number of users. For example, if your office does not have the necessary number of printers, placement becomes difficult. You may have to make a decision on which floor or end of the office to locate the equipment. This can lead to inefficiencies on two levels: inappropriate printer usage and inefficient use of staff time (because no matter where you place your printer, it is going to be poorly located for some).

Consider the noise that printers can produce (or that can be made around printers, i.e. paper shuffling, chatting, etc.). Position your printers away from your primary work area if feasible to reduce disruptions and distractions.


Nothing wastes time more than having to reprogram your printer or computer settings every time you want to use it. Consider what chores you’ll be utilizing your business copier printer for on a regular basis while setting it up. If you’re going to scan to email, for example, you should configure the primary email addresses so your staff don’t have to put them in every time.

If you want to save money on printing, set your printer to default to two-sided printing and use black and white instead of color. To boost efficiency, establish the suitable printer as the default on each employee’s workstation, so they don’t have to override the decision each time they want to print a document.

Remember that selecting defaults during the initial setup process is insufficient. If you discover that your employees are frequently using a new feature, you should adjust your settings to accommodate them as well. For example, you can keep adding email addresses for people who routinely scan papers.


Some firms try to save money by buying low-quality printer cartridges. Unfortunately, this creates two issues. The most evident issue is the decrease in print quality. In rare situations, images and text may have fuzzy edges and smearing. The second issue is that low-cost toner does not last as long as high-quality toner. Not only will you have to buy additional cartridges, but your printer will be down for longer when those cartridges need to be replaced.

Quality toner cartridges from a respected print source will ensure that your all-in-one laser printer produces crisp, professional-looking documents every time. They will also reduce downtime and boost cost-effectiveness.


When you buy an office copier printer, you expect it to do more than simply print paper. However, most consumers are unaware of their printer’s capabilities beyond scanning papers. Take the time to learn everything your printer has to offer. Some people can sort and staple, which saves time on administrative tasks. Others include a secure printing option that keeps employees from violating privacy policies. Many businesses believe that assigning a key operator to each printer ensures efficient utilization and serves as a resource for other staff.

Take note of which features make your employees more productive and which are ignored. This will assist you in determining which functions your firm requires to perform, and thus which functions you require in your printers.

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