Businesses, understandably, place a high value on security. Secure wifi networks, password-protected cloud storage, and other safeguards limit who has access to sensitive information and what they can do with it. However, securing virtual data pathways is insufficient. Can, for example, anyone walk into your office and take a freshly printed document straight from the printer?

Blocking cyberattacks is an important part of office security, but it should not be the sole focus of your security strategy. Securing the machine itself, as well as who can extract data from it, should be important components of your security strategy. Let’s look at how to secure your office printer in more detail.

Five Ways to Keep Your Printers and Copiers Safe

1) Ensure that your network is secure.

2) Change your printer passwords on a regular basis.

3) Continuously update your firmware.

4) Install a document hold solution.

5) Do not overlook your onboard hard drives.


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