Timely replacements of cartridges and drums can help ensure laser printers offer the highest print quality and performance for longer. Whilst having to replace two different consumables can seem like a slightly daunting task – modern laser printers are designed to effortlessly accommodate this job.

Printer Cartridge

1) Turn on laser printer – most printers need to be powered on to allow access to the cartridge.
2) Open the main printer door – the method for this may vary between different printers but most require you to hold the release button and pull the lid. When the main printer door is opened on the majority of printers, the carriage will automatically slide to the right side of the machine.
3) Remove the cartridge from the printer. You may have to unhook the cradle which holds the cartridge or press a release tab – depending on the model.
4) Remove the new cartridge from its box, but don’t remove the plastic packaging.
5) Gently shake the cartridge – this can help fully distribute the toner evenly throughout the cartridge.
6) Pull the coloured tab on the cartridge, removing the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge. Place the cartridge into the carriage – it should snap in securely.
7) Close the lid, and send through a test print.

Printer Drum

If your laser printer’s performance is starting to suffer, with blurry prints and black spots, then it may be time to replace the printer drum.
1) Turn off the laser printer’s power at the mains, wait approximately 15 minutes for the machine to cool down.
2) Open the main printer door and lift out the cartridge.
3) Lift out the drum by twisting or pressing the locking mechanism.
4) Remove the replacement drum from its packaging. Be careful not to touch the imaging drum on the bottom of the cartridge – this could compromise print quality.
5) Place the drum back in the printer and replace the cartridge.
6) Close the main printer door and turn the printer back on.

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