The instructions for installing staples in a Ricoh copier vary depending on the exact finisher model your copier has, and the type of staples you are installing (corner staples vs. saddle-stitch staples). In some finishers, the staple cartridge is located in a different place than in other finishers, but you can always find it by looking for the green handle.

Different finishers use different types of staples, and the size and shape of the cartridges for each one may vary. In general, these are the common steps for replacing staples in a Ricoh copier:

  • Open the finisher front door/cover
  • Remove the staple cartridge by the green handle
  • Push in on the two sides of the cartridge to pop the top of the cartridge up
  • Remove the empty white paper container
  • Install the new staples in the direction of the arrow
  • Push down on the top of the cartridge so it snaps into place
  • Pull out the strip of tape around the staples
  • Reinstall the cartridge into the finisher, so it snaps into place
  • Close the finisher door