If you’re a wise business owner, you’ll be continuously assessing areas of your organisation that may be overspending. Although printers are an essential piece of workplace equipment, there are ways to save money on them.

Choose your font wisely

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be shocked how few people evaluate the influence of font choice on printing costs. For example, if your staff print their work in Comic Sans, it will consume 5.32% more ink than if they print in Helvetica. Choose a standard internal typeface, such as Helvetica, and emphasise upon your employees the need of utilising it to save money on ink. Along with deciding which font to use, you need also consider font size. You can conserve paper by printing fewer pages by using a smaller font size.

Take advantage of print preview

We’ve all been there. You hit print and go over your paper, only to discover that you’ve misaligned the margins on your table! You can save ink, paper, and your important time by using your computer’s ‘print preview’ option.

By checking your print job before pressing the print button, you can guarantee that your document looks precisely how you want it to and, if not, make any necessary changes before wasting ink or paper.

Utilise draft mode

Another useful suggestion for offices that print mostly for internal purposes is to use the ‘draught mode’ setting on your printer. Documents used for external reasons must be of high quality and professional. When producing a job list for your employees, however, it does not have to be faultless.

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