Scanning and storing your children’s artwork is a great way to preserve their creativity and memories. Here are some steps you can take to scan and store your children’s artwork for safekeeping:

1) Choose a scanner: You can use a flatbed scanner or a smartphone scanner app. A flatbed scanner produces higher-quality images, but a smartphone scanner app is more convenient and easier to use.

2) Prepare the artwork: Remove any creases or wrinkles from the artwork and make sure it’s clean and dry.

3) Scan the artwork: If you’re using a flatbed scanner, place the artwork face down on the scanner bed and scan it at a high resolution (300 dpi or higher) in color mode. If you’re using a smartphone scanner app, follow the instructions provided by the app to capture the image.

4) Organize the files: Once you’ve scanned the artwork, organize the files by creating a folder on your computer or cloud storage account for each child. Label each file with the child’s name, date, and a brief description of the artwork.

5) Store the artwork: Store the original artwork in a safe place, such as a portfolio or a box. You can also display the artwork in your home or give it as a gift to family members. Keep the scanned files in a secure location, such as a backup hard drive or cloud storage account.

By following these steps, you can scan and store your children’s artwork for safekeeping and create a digital archive of their creativity that you can cherish for years to come.

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