The newer Ricoh MPC series multifunction copiers have built-in USB and SD slots right in the operation panel. You can scan to drives or cards inserted in these slots, or print from them. This guide will walk you through how to scan to a USB drive from your Ricoh copier. The steps for scanning to a USB drive from other Ricoh MPC series copiers are very similar, but most other MPC series copiers have larger screens, so there might be some variation in what each of the buttons are labeled.



To scan to a USB drive from a Ricoh Copier

  1. Insert your USB drive into the USB slot on the right side of the operation panel. (You should see the blue light next to the USB slot come on; if it doesn’t, try reinserting your drive.)
  2. Select Scanner from the Home screen.
  3. Select Store File at top of screen.
  4. Select Store to Memory Device.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Press the Start button.

You will see a message pop up informing you that the document or image is being scanned. Don’t remove your USB drive until you see the message saying “Writing Complete,” otherwise you could damage the data on the drive.