If you’re looking for a new business printer, you have a lot of options. A multifunction printer, or MFP, is a device that combines the capabilities of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into a single

device. By selecting one that meets your requirements, you can greatly enhance workflow and cut costs.

“What is the best copier (or printer)?” many of our clients inquire.

“It depends,” is the answer.

There is rarely a single “best” copier – copiers from the big manufacturers are all great, with different advantages and disadvantages.

The answer to the question “best copier” is actually fairly simple: it is the one that performs the business activities that you require it to complete in the most cost-effective manner.

The best copy machine for a marketing department may not be the greatest copy machine for a doctor’s office or school district.

Because not all copiers perform the same functions, it is critical to thoroughly consider your selections. The ten factors listed below will assist you in selecting the best printer for your office.

Assess Your Needs
Your workflow and the number of users who will use the printer are important considerations when selecting whether to buy or lease a copier. Of course, it must be printed and copied. What else do you


  • Do you need to scan papers as well? Look for a copier that includes capture software that interfaces with your IT infrastructure or works with your existing capture software.
  • Are you aiming to make company procedures more efficient? You must have strong network connectivity.
  • Do you need to fax something?
  • Do you require color or just black and white?
  • Do you need to staple, hole punch, or use any other finishing techniques?
  • You must also consider your everyday printer requirements. How much do you print/copy/scan on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly?

All of these questions, and others, will influence device choices.

Before selecting a multi-function printer, make sure you understand its capabilities and whether the one you’re thinking about can satisfy all of your everyday needs.

How much will it Cost to Operate?
The expense of owning a copier extends beyond the initial purchase price.

  • How much will the materials cost?
  • How much will the repair cost?
  • How soon can it be repaired? Many copiers now support remote troubleshooting for software difficulties, allowing the machine to be repaired and operational again faster than waiting for a service person to arrive.

A copier can really help you control printing and imaging costs, so evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) before making a purchase.

Read Reviews
Do your research. Examine feedback from industry experts and other companies that have used the gadget. Contrast manufacturer specifications with those of independent testing organisations.

LinkedIn and Google Reviews are great places to look for reviews.

Company Facebook profiles can also be used to determine how customer-focused your copier partner is (it’s always a good idea to work with someone who is interested in selling you the proper copier, rather than the one that will provide them the greatest money).

How Well Will the MFP Work With Existing Networks?
Before purchasing a large piece of office equipment, find out how effectively it integrates with your existing systems. Another factor to consider is how simple it is to set up. Is there any documentation or wizards to help you install it? Will there be any training required? Will anything need to be installed on office computers? Will the new system make older ones obsolete?

How Easy Is It To Use?
The last thing you need is a brand-new copier that no one understands how to use. Select a copy machine with an easy-to-use operating system that requires little training. Look for online help and documentation that is simple to use. It’s also a good idea to select a copier that includes manufacturer technical help (especially if you’ll be doing maintenance and support in-house).

Some copiers will even have “how to” movies available on the copier’s control panel.

But What Does It Really Do?
Some multifunction copiers may not have all of the features you require. While the copier can execute numerous duties in one device, it can only do one at a time. This can cause bottlenecks in the workflow. This could be a problem depending on your office’s requirements.

Communication Is Key
Communication, like with all things, is critical when selecting the most efficient copier. Is the copier displaying jobs, queues, and difficulties locally and across the network? Is it possible for users and IT administrators to readily view and modify the status of jobs in the pipeline? Otherwise, you and your IT staff may find yourself spending more time debugging copiers than supporting your main business.

Does it come With Support?
Choose a printer that has continuing maintenance to keep your copier functioning well now and in the future. Is the copier dealership known for its quick response times? Is service decent in your area if you buy direct from the manufacturer? Do some study to obtain a sense of the connection you’re about to enter.

Does it meet Your Security Needs?
You may require a greater level of protection depending on the nature of your business. Make sure the copier you buy provides the security you require and is resaleable if your security requirements change. Pull printing features, which allow print jobs to be released at the copier, as well as card readers, PIN codes, and even bio metric readers, are available.

What about Software?
Discover what suitable software and solutions come with the copier you wish to buy, as well as what software from other suppliers will function with your new copier.

There are numerous common apps that might have a significant impact on your daily work. Here are a few examples:

  • Email scanning
  • Cloud scanning
  • Printing on the go

For example, you can use your copier to convert paper documents into electronic format and send them to many destinations with a single scan, such as email, network folders, document management repositories, and remote printers. These digital papers can then be utilized to start workflows, which will help to streamline your company procedures.

Your copiers are a wonderful approach to improve office document management.

You’re ready to shop now that you know what questions to ask before buying a printer. Visit bizcopier.my if you need assistance along the road. My 03-3341 6296 number is only a phone call away.

You’ll be ready to make the appropriate selection for your business once you’ve equipped yourself with the knowledge you’ve gained by asking these questions and considering what you truly require.