Laser Photocopiers
Due of their advanced internal technology and subsequent high-end performance, laser copiers are the most expensive type of photocopier. These machines print faster and sharper documents than inkjet copiers, and while they are much more expensive, they can be more cost-effective in the long run due to the long life of laser toner cartridges and the variety of photocopier leasing plans available.

Many offices, especially home offices, can print hundreds, if not thousands, of pages per day. If your office requires a high amount of printed papers, you should consider a laser copier for that reason alone. Not only will the task print faster, but the quality will be guaranteed, and the toner will not run out. Similarly, larger laser photocopiers typically have a large paper storage capacity and are thus more suited to heavy duty performance.

Keeping this in mind, attempt to get a reputable brand-name copier that includes a service agreement. Our Approved Partners can assist you in locating the best Photocopier bargains in the UK.

Inkjet Photocopiers
Inkjet copiers are often better suited to smaller and less demanding offices, such as home offices, because their print quality is slightly lower than that of laser machines, and their print speeds are also slower.

However, if you just need a photocopier on a regular or rare basis, an inkjet copier is a must. Because of the high cost of ink, running costs may be slightly more per page, but overall purchasing costs can be much lower, which offsets the higher running costs.

Inkjet vs Laser Photocopiers
Laser and inkjet photocopiers both function as copiers and printers. The question is, how can you decide between the two and select the best copier for your company?

Laser copiers provide the greatest quality printing available on the market, as well as excellent print speeds and precision, but they can cost several thousand pounds. In comparison, an inkjet copier may be purchased for less than £200. While the quality may not be as sharp, you may find that you are much better off financially if you use the less expensive machine.

The expense of a home office may be enough to sway your decision. However, in order for an office photocopier to be utilised by a bigger number of personnel, you may need to consider a broader variety of aspects, such as several print jobs occurring at the same time and speed being much more of a must. To maintain productivity, a photocopier that can stack tasks and print copies at a higher rate may be required. In this scenario, a more powerful, but more expensive, laser photocopier may be preferable.

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