Welcome to Workstyle Innovation. Now you can integrate multiple processes and simplify complex tasks across
an office or throughout an organisation with ease. Enjoy a new way to work, powered by Ricoh’s
new Workstyle Innovation Technology, by creating unique and customised solutions and deploying workflow
applications that streamline your business. Simply put, it’s an innovative and intuitive way to be more productive.
Use the RICOH® MP C3004/MP C3504 to print, scan, copy and fax information in multiple formats to a wider
range of audiences quickly and easily. Use the advanced 10.1”-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel to
create your own digital workflows — with shortcuts, advanced scan-to capabilities and time-saving automation
— so you can deliver your messages effortlessly with a simple flick, pinch or swipe. Add richer colours, sharper
resolution and professional finishing to highlight information and impress audiences every time.

• Produce up to 35 colour prints/copies per minute
• Use the intuitive touchscreen to multitask with a single flick, pinch or swipe
• Create customised workflows to expedite everyday tasks
• Print and share information on the go via your personal mobile device
• Highlight information with breathtaking colours and professional finishing
• Take advantage of eco-friendly features to lower operating costs and reduce overall environmental impact
without sacrificing business productivity