Media Type & Size

Paper Trays

Another point to think about is if you are planning to copy/print on different types of media, such as paper, card, cardstock, envelopes, or if you require copying/printing in different sizes. Make sure to check that the machine you are looking to purchase is designed with the capabilities you need.

This is where the paper is stored before copying/printing. There will always be at least one fixed-size tray and there may be a couple of adjustable-size paper trays. Unfortunately, heavy paper stock often jams if you load it into a standard paper tray. Therefore, many copiers also include a bypass tray, which is a special tray for heavy paper and labels to prevent jamming.

It’s worthwhile noting that many machines have optional additional paper trays available, which increase paper capacity and possibly accept different media sizes. This means you can choose a device with a lower paper capacity than you require and purchase the additional tray, if the machine covers all your other requirements.