Today’s photocopiers have evolved to become true multi-tasking powerhouses for the modern office. Known as multifunction printers (MFPs), these advanced copiers integrate multiple capabilities beyond just copying into a single efficient device.

What is a Multifunction Photocopier? A multifunction photocopier combines the basic function of photocopying with additional capabilities like printing, scanning and faxing. High-end models may also provide options for emailing, document storage, security features, and more. The major benefits are:

  • Reduced equipment costs – Having one MFP instead of separate printers, scanners and fax machines saves on hardware purchases.
  • Flexibility and convenience – Users can print, photocopy, scan or fax from the same central device.
  • Space saving – An MFP takes up less room than individual components.
  • Improved productivity – Documents can be seamlessly handled with copying, scanning and distributing without using multiple devices.

Key Features and Functions Here are some of the top features found in most multifunction photocopiers:

  • Printer – High-quality printing comparable to dedicated printers. Color printing ability.
  • Scanner – Advanced scanning with options like optical character recognition, scan to email/cloud, multi-page scans.
  • Photocopier – Includes features like collating, stapling, binding, hole-punching, etc.
  • Fax – Walk-up or online fax capabilities.
  • Document management – Send files to email, cloud storage sites, network folders electronically.
  • Security – Password protection, encryption, user access controls.
  • Cost management – Track usage costs by user/department.

With a robust multifunction device, an office can benefit from a single machine handling almost every document need, maximizing efficiency.