Why Multifunction?

There are a lot of options when it comes to office equipment–so why should small businesses focus on multifunction printers? The answer is simple: small businesses do a lot with just a little, which means they need solutions that can do the same. Multifunction printers combine print, fax, scan, and copy capabilities in one device, making these machines a one-stop workstation for tasks of all shapes and sizes.

Here are just a few things small businesses can expect from multifunction printers:

  • improved efficiency,

  • streamlined workflows,

  • less wasted time and money,

  • more effective use of consumables,

  • space savings,

  • and flexible tech and solutions.

Getting Started

Now that you know what multifunction printers can do, here’s how to choose one that’s a perfect fit for your small business.

1. Start with price.

The total cost of ownership includes everything from consumables to maintenance and repairs. Before you add a multifunction printer to your fleet, make sure you–and your budget–know what you’re getting into

2. Check connectivity.

The last thing you want is a machine that won’t play nice with the rest of your fleet. Make sure you only look at multifunction printers that can coexist with your existing software, workflows, networks, and mobile devices.

3. Consider your goals.

A multifunction printer should be a constant companion–so don’t choose features and functions that only benefit you right now. Keep an eye toward the future and plan ahead for goals, growth, and change.