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The Ricoh Color Copiers are designed to accommodate unique business needs. These systems enable our customers to print, copy, scan, share and secure a wider range of documents in convenient. With the advanced document management capabilities all in one space-saving, eco-friendly design, they are ideal for small offices or workgroups looking to streamline workflow.

Here are a few things to consider when buying an used copier : 

  1. Its Lower Up Copier Cost
  • This way you get an awesome machine for a low monthly payment  and the machine can be fully covered by our Service Contract  which can include all Toner Service & Maintenance – all you would need to buy is the paper.
  • Like any other used item, refurbished copiers are typically cheaper than the latest models.

    2. Great Value

  • We offer both B/W & COLOR Copiers, Printers & Digital Multifunction Machines. The prices on our Certified Pre-Owned Copiers cannot be beat!! We also offer New copiers at discounted prices!

    3. It’s Proven to Work.

  • Purchasing a used copier from a respected manufacturer comes with the guarantee that the device works. It can be a risk to buy a new machine with a new user interface or features that may or may not work as prefers. A used device, on the other, comes without those unknowns.