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Persiaran Masjid

Everyone knows what Color Copiers are – even if they sometimes struggle to actually make them work. So what most businesses have in common? Businesses need Copiers, because they are much more than the paper handling machines. Organizations need, because they are an important part of the daily workflow, the method of transmission and presentation of information internally and externally.

Although we believe that there are certainly a number of things that large corporations are doing very well, especially providing strong products and services, they tend to take care of their shareholders first, its own staff and then clients – after that. For us, it puts customers at risk.

Our business model makes customer care is our number one priority. We can Service all Ricoh copier machine supply by us  However, you will have the security of your account, managed with the customer at the forefront of the mind.

We will not only help those who want to rent, buy or rent a copier, but also provide ongoing support, maintenance and repair.

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