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Remote Support & Maintenance

Do you need assistance for installing, setting up, or configuring your copier? We help you quickly and easily from a distance with our remote maintenance tool.

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Download Remote-Support-Client


Download our remote support client now!

To help our support staff remotely, you need to download our remote support client.

In a few seconds it starts: It does not require any installation – simply download the client here, double-click and allow remote control. You can then terminate the remote control independently.

Copier Remote Maintenance

Today, copiers and multifunctional devices all have a variety of parameters that must be configured to operate properly. Just think of the scanning capabilities of the MFP and multifunctional copiers, the correct set-up of the fax software, the allocation of the paper trays to the print media, the connection of a printer operated by the print server, or the proper set-up of the network interface. In addition, Moreover, the settings of the print parameters or drivers for a PC or notebook may cause problems, which could be solved by the correct installation of printer drivers and an adjustment to the right settings.


Even during the normal operation of the copier, problems or faults can occur. In larger enterprises and public authorities, a user help-desk or the central IT administration helps to solve any problems


What to do if you can not use a central IT or a helpdesk?

Do you have an external service provider for your IT needs who is not very familiar with printer-specific topics? Remote Support is a way to quickly and easily access remote support services when setting up a printer or conducting troubleshooting. Your printers have (mostly) a web server, which we can access via a web browser with remote maintenance software.

Special solutions for remote support, such as TeamViewer, allow us to access one of your network printers via a PC with Internet access. So we can help you quickly and easily via remote access.

Remote Service – useful for the following tasks:

  • Network settings (LAN)
  • Scan to folder
  • Basic settings for copying and printing
  • Disable unnecessary network protocols (security)
  • Address book setup (local)

What do I need for my remote support appointment?

A requirement for remote support is to start the UltraViewer client program on one of your PCs, which allows us to communicate with the PC and thus with the network printer. You can download the Ultraviewer client here.


What is Ultraviewer?

UltraViewer is a software that help you to remote control/remote access a computer. You can use UltraViewer for many difference purpose : to support your customers, your partners, your friends, or access your computer to work remotely…  For example, your parent need your help to repair software on their PC, you can remote control to help them. Or your friends need your help to teach them how to use a software, you can help them remotely without walk a thousand mile. Or you have a trip and want to login to your computer running at your home to work.


How to use Ultraviewer?

Step 1. You ask your partner to run UltraViewer, and require your partner to send you the ID and Password displayed on their UltraViewer.

Step 2. You enter the ID and password you got from your partner into the UltraViewer, click Connect.

Do you want remote maintenance or remote support? Then please make an appointment with the above form.


**Terms & Conditions Apply**