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Why rent a Copier?

  • More Savings. Let’s go back to the economic issue: what happens if our purchase multifunction copier breaks down? To the initial cost of machine, we have to add the technical service, the change of parts, the repairs, etc. However, through renting we have technical support that will help us to repairs and even replacement if necessary.
  • Incresed Functionality. Most of the latest copiers combine a lot of functions such as scanning, fax, printing, colour printing, document managing, copying and pdf writing. As a result when you upgrade your equipment you can upgrade all these functions. If you rent a copier you get access to latest technologies and get all these functions upgraded at once.

  • No Complexity. When a company hires a copy machine, there is no problem when the device is worth the 0 asset. Rental also provides satisfaction as most device providers offer maintenance plans, which can be included in the lease itself or paid separately.