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Nowadays, we tend to skip, the parts of a contract that we are really supposed to be closely read and understand. This can potentially leave you or your company stuck with a supplier that really isn’t the best fit or you or maybe that service supplier doesn’t meet your expectations.

It is vital to read over each and every part of the contract, or Service Agreement (SA). You need to have full understanding of the services you are paying for as well as the services you are requesting to be met the objectives.

Any questions or concerns you may have up front about the SA should be asked and reconciled before the agreement is signed, to ensure your needs will be properly met. This allows you and the service supplier to have an open understanding of what the services entail, eliminating the fear of being left in the dark.


How long does it typically take for your service technician to contact you once you’ve placed a service call? A service technician should be contacting you within 30 minutes of your service request. Their job is to serve you and the needs of your copier machines.

Dealing with a broken or malfunctioning copier machine can really delay an office’s work productivity, so it’s important the service technician provides you with instant communication. Reading customer reviews is probably the easiest way to learn how quick a company’s response time is. Each dealer should be monitoring this on a continual basis.