Color copiers

Color copiers, as opposed to mono copiers, may make colourful copies. This type of copier can also make black and white copies, making it extremely flexible. These photocopies use four toners: Cyan (c), Magenta (m), Yellow (y), and Black (k), sometimes known as CMYK printing. These copiers are capable of producing a wide range of CMYK colours.

Color copiers’ technology has improved dramatically over the last few decades, and they are now complex devices capable of performing a wide range of activities, assisting in the improvement of office operations. This technology has grown further in recent years to enable mobile and tablet printing, cloud storage, and even more sophisticated functions.

BIZCOPIER offers a large selection of colour copiers, including the RICOH MPC3502, RICOH MPC5502, RICOH MPC3503, RICOH MPC5503, RICOH MPC3504, and RICOH MPC5504.

Price of Color Copiers

Color copiers typically cost 20-30% more than mono devices, but because many organisations demand the capacity to print in colour, it is an essential investment. Color printing has greater copy costs than black and white printing because four sets of toner are needed instead of just one. However, if specific users do not need to print in colour, utilise the colour printing control function to limit them to printing in black and white exclusively.

Because these devices are multipurpose, they can not only print but also scan and copy. Faxing, stapling, collating, and duplexing are just a few of the other features that may be added to the machine.

Renting Color Copiers

Color multifunctional printers (MFPs) can be bought outright or rented. Renting is the most popular method of purchasing for BIZCOPIER clients since it spreads the cost over 3 to 5 years, with equal payments made every month or quarter for the life of the lease. Leasing is the most cost-effective method of getting office equipment, and many organizations discover that they can afford a higher specification than they thought. It also allows firms more freedom to replace equipment at a later date, and there are tax advantages to leasing.

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