Much more than a new collection.

It’s an entirely new way to connect your company. These hard workers are part of our flagship A3 colour Smart MFP range, which includes nine models. Each model provides exceptional dependability, output quality, and workplace productivity, so no matter which model you choose, these are the ideal devices for your high output, multipurpose environment. These devices feature a Smart Operation Panel and are intended to help you increase productivity through their extensive functionality, which includes a variety of finishing options, banner printing capabilities, and a new Intel processor.

You have access to business intelligence at your fingertips.

Our innovative Smart Operation Panel has a 10.1-inch touch and swipe colour panel that makes mobile and flexible working easier while also improving work-flow for everyone. You use the screen like a smartphone or tablet, and you can personalise the large, tiltable, widescreen operation panel so that every function is always at your fingertips. It also includes a full internet browser capability to make the working day more connected – and with productivity-boosting apps and one-touch icons, everything is literally at your fingertips.

Mobility is now standard.

Work is easier in today’s business landscape when there are more connectivity options. So what makes your device any different? You can now connect and control your MFP from mobile devices, integrate with independent smart phones and tablets, and enable access and printing from virtually any location. If that isn’t enough, you can scan and save full-color documents directly to email, portable media, and folders to expedite workflow. All of this connectivity easily integrates into your existing machine fleet, allowing you to not only maximise fleet productivity but also improve overall workflow.

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