This issues might become major problem for copier user when they need to print any document. The problem might you face is no enough paper to print the document involve a lot of pages. Staff need to buy a new rim of paper to print it out. So there are the way to save up your paper consumption.

1. Doubled sided printing to save paper
Make sure you print double-sidedly when it comes to printing papers. This would save many, many sheets of paper that most individuals staff will use for printing papers. Then, you have to stock up on paper less often, it costs your business less.

2. No overprinting

Do not print papers you don’t even use or you know they’re going to go to waste and get dumped in the garbage. This is a massive waste of paper that could be used by other persons.

3. Always proof-read and preview
Before printing, make sure that you always preview your work. If you’re going to print a big document and figure out that there are spelling errors in it once you print it, you would need to print it again, which will waste a lot of paper. Also, to ensure that it looks exactly as you like it, you can still preview the work. It is a waste of paper to print papers again because of an error.

4. Store all documents digitally
Hold as many papers as you can digitally, so you can prevent them from copying and having them all over the workplace. That would conserve a lot of physical space and once they’re printed out, they’re just as readily available as they will be.

5. Re-using Scrap Paper
There must be plenty of paper that gets tossed away all the time around your office. Think about it. You might reuse this paper for scrap! People still look for a bit of paper to write notes on, so why can’t you reuse and give this paper a purpose?

6. Communicate via Emails
This would save paper if you communicate with people via email instead of writing them letters. You will also save a lot of money on buying paper and postage for your business to deliver the messages. Through submitting letters to your customers and colleagues via email, you can also save paper instead of writing it out and handing it to them. They will always get to read it, thus saving the organisation a lot of paper.

7. Always Recycle
Get a recycling bin in your office if you haven’t printed it out. Any team members who have some document they want to throw away and they can’t reuse should use this. It should be properly gathered and recycled then. As we can make many stuff from it, recycling paper is very important. Paper is a very significant part of our planet which is from tree. So, chop down tree might affect the ecosystems of the nature.