1) Storing document in your computer
You will no longer waste 50 minutes attempting to locate a document contained in a stack of sheets on your desk by scanning a document and saving it to your computer or server. If your desk is the size of a shoe box, you have a hundred invoices to carefully store, and you are actually sitting on a pile of papers due to a lack of storage, the scan feature becomes significantly more useful.


2) Protect your document condition
If you lend your document to another coworker, the condition of the paper may be compromised due to a curling corner of the page. The scanned document will be unaffected by anything that could void the content’s originality. You can also email the scanned document to your coworker.


3) Send document in PDF or JPEG by e-mail
You can send it directly to the recipient via email by scanning a document and using the “scan to mail” feature. It is not necessary to send the paper to you and then return it to the receiver. You can do it all from the touch screen of your company printer. However, keep in mind to double-check the recipient’s email address to avoid sending a top-secret document to a valuable customer.


4) Storing a document on USB
The “scan to USB” feature is available on most printers, which is significantly more convenient if you do not have access to a computer. Simply scan the document, transfer it to the device’s USB key, and keep it in your pocket!


5) Protect against natural disaster
You highly significant document will be stored on the form of data in the computer. If your place experienced natural disaster such as flood, therefore your document is protected since you made backup by scanning the document. So the actual document can be travelling along with the flood but your data from computer in the cloud backup will save them. So no more document cannot be safe. Just, be prepared and make backup on your paper.


6) Reduce paper use
The scan feature makes working in the workplace simpler for you. It also helps environmental progress and minimizes your consumption of paper. Any time you want to print your papers, think about scanning them. The scan feature would save the planet as well as to the management, both fiscally and ecologically.