Don’t try to fix an unfamiliar problem

If you notice something seriously wrong with your machine and you aren’t sure exactly what’s going on or how to fix it, you shouldn’t jump right in.

Do call your provider, technician, or repair service to help out. The pros have all the right training and tools


Don’t pull the plug.

Sudden shutdowns can jolt your multifunction printer’s entire system, which can cause even bigger problems down the line.

Do perform a complete, proper shutdown if you need to power down the device.


Don’t neglect the basics.

When you neglect little tasks like regular cleaning and software updates, you put stress on your machine–which, in turn, will negatively impact its longevity and performance.

Do create a schedule for regular maintenance. It can be quick and easy, and, even better, it will help you avoid little issues (like paper jams) as well as big issues (like needing to replace the entire machine).