While leasing can be fairly cost-effective, it does have a few drawbacks, which include:

1) Increased long-term costs

In the long run, you may end up paying more money leasing a copier than you would if you bought the same one. If you spread the payments over five years, an RM 2,000 copier may end up costing roughly RM 5,000.

2) Lease Term Locks

While leasing firms may be liberal with payments, they are not as accommodating when it comes to breaking your lease arrangement. It is difficult to break out of a lease; even if your needs change, you must adhere to the terms of the lease until it ends.

If you sign the agreement, you are obligated to make payments for the duration of the term, even if the equipment is not used. As a result, you must carefully evaluate the lease’s terms and conditions before signing it.

3) There is no immediate ownership.

The third and last disadvantage of leasing is that you do not own the leased copier. Instead, the device remains the rental company’s possession.

Although some firms give the option to purchase the gadget at the end of the lease, others may require it to be returned at the client’s expense.

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