Your business copier plays an irreplaceable role in your business, and every business knows the value of a fast copier. We know which machines work fast and efficiently. Here is our list of the fastest copiers currently on the market.

Pages Per Minute (PPM)
When shopping for a fast photocopier, look for the term “Pages per minute,” or PPM. This abbreviation is used to measure a copier’s speed. As we’ll soon discuss, a copier’s PPM depends on its brand, size, and other factors. The most desirable PPM of a copier in 2020 falls around 25 PPM to 40 PPM, give or take. The ideal PPM for a company depends on the size and workflow of the company.

The Fastest Types of Photocopier
Copy machines come in several different varieties. Each machine has its own pros and cons, and sometimes the pros of a machine are with the cons. Of course, the most sought-after quality in a copier is its speed! The following kinds of copiers generally produce copies quicker than others:

The digital copier. The digital copier is easily the most popular model in MFP. Not only are they multifunctional and versatile, but they top the charts at PPM speed.
The line copier. Although some consider the line printer obsolete, its skills for speed should not be underestimated.
The A3 copier. This copier is best used for small photocopies, and can turn out copies at a moderate-to-quick rate.
The network copier.
Larger copiers. Generally speaking, larger copy machines will accommodate more copies per minute. However, this varies depending on the brand and model.

The Fastest Photocopier Brands
Here are the fastest photocopier brands we:

Toshiba—Toshiba is one of the fastest photocopier brands available. Their PPMS soar above the average at an astonishing 60-85. They’re the ideal photocopier for the expeditious modern workplace.
Copystar – Copystar photocopiers are fast, reliable, and sturdy.
Ricoh – The Ricoh photocopier is another popular brand due to its quickness.
Savin—The Savin photocopier is not only quick, but easy to use and impeccable in output.

Qualities to Look For
While speed is an invaluable quality for copiers, groundbreaking PPM may not be the biggest priority for your company. And that’s okay. Reliability, versatility, and image quality may be more important to you. Another important factor is your amount of business; you don’t need a copier with a PPM of 110 if your company is smaller in size. Communicate with your team to determine your desired PPM rate.Contact Us