Here are some of the most commonly used copiers:

  1. Monochrome or black and white copier
    Some people choose black and white copiers because they are often cheaper than color copiers. However, keep in mind that they are not as fast or accurate as color copiers. They are often used for printing text documents and for making high-quality copies of drawings on paper.
  1. Color copier
    If you want something more than a basic monochrome copier, a color copier is considered an ideal choice. Color copiers have four drums and four color tanks to create any desired color combination. The primary colors that are filled inside the cartridge are yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. This is often referred to as the CMYK spectrum.
  1. Analog copier
    This is an old form of photocopier that uses light, a mirror, and a lens to reflect an image of a document onto a light receiver. Currently, the analog version is being replaced by the digital one mainly due to mechanical failure and the lack of spare parts availability.

  1. Office copier
    As their name suggests, these copiers fit snugly on a desk. They can often make copies at A4 size as anything larger requires more mechanization, which will eventually increase the size of the copier.

  1. A3 copier
    Items such as spreadsheets, posters, and various promotional materials are printed with the A3 copier. This will usually be larger than a compact desktop copier.

  1. Network copier
    It is a great choice if you are looking for a copier to integrate with various devices such as in offices, schools, etc. All networked computers can access this copier, allowing all users to scan or print as needed. Administrator privileges are also granted to supervisors who wish to monitor all printing.
  1. Heavy duty copier
    Heavy duty copiers are often used in large offices or businesses where more copies will be printed in a day. These copiers offer more features with outstanding quality and performance.